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Dr. Michal Bassani- Sternberg - Research Proposes a Blood Test for Cancer
ReWalk puts the world on its feet.

A science and technology research university, among the world’s top ten, dedicated to the creation of knowledge and the development of human capital and leadership, for the advancement of the State of Israel and all humanity. ~ Technion Vision.

Through Technion External Relations and Resource Development, Technion is promoted across the world, including core activities with Technion’s  global network of societies (friends associations).

Here, the team offers a wide variety of services and products in resource and project development; donor relations and recognition; marketing communication, social media special campaigns; visitors and delegations; events and ceremonies; coordination and administration of the Technion Board of Governors; and more.

This is the home of the creative and journalistic team behind Technion’s thriving Youtube Channel; FOCUS Newspaper (found online and in print); the annual President’s Report; and Technion’s thriving English-language accounts on Facebook and Twitter.