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facelineupToday, Technion has over 90,000 graduates, and millions of scientists, students, entrepreneurs and citizens worldwide have been impacted by its work. 72 of the 300 NASDAQ companies with non-American origins are based in Israel, and of those, two-thirds were founded and/or led by Technion graduates. Since the engineering of the first well for Haifa, a flood of inventions and new products and services have poured from the creative minds of Technion graduates and faculty: memory sticks; the Ziv-Lempel data compression algorithm; Azilect™, for treating early-stage Parkinson’s; deciphering the secrets of the Ubiquitin protein degradation system, or the exotic structure of quasicrystals.

Technion graduates not only start businesses, they manage and lead them. Of Dun and Bradstreet’s 125 Israeli business leaders, a third are Technion graduates. Technion graduates lead nine of Israel’s top 10 exporting companies, which account for nearly half of Israel’s $45 billion in exports. Together, investment in the Technion gives a remarkable 76 percent return on investment, according to a recent study of the impact of Technion on Israel and the world by Technion Profs. Shlomo Maital and Amnon Frenkel published as Technion Nation.

Technion’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science faculties have driven the birth and growth of Israel’s high tech industry. Over a third of Technion graduates work in industry, and another 12 percent work in Research and Development. Three quarters of Technion grads who work in industry, work in high-tech. It is no surprise that global giants in the industry including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Intel are so actively and deeply involved with these faculties, employing many students even before they finish their studies. To maximize this success the two faculties have joined forces in a powerful international Technion Computer Engineering (TCE) Center, designed to empower this global leadership as a focal point for academic and industrial collaboration.